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Kinga Elliott is a painter working in the field of visual art and science, using painting, photography and light art. She is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree, first class, specialising in Painting, from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2020. 


Her work has been exhibited at the British Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery (2022), at the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition (2022), at the RSA New Contemporaries in Edinburgh (2022) and as a commission for the SSA 130 (2022). She has recently completed a six-months artist residency at the Glenesk Folk Museum and currently working as a Painting Graduate in Residence at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.


Kinga won many prestigious national awards including the Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship to Florence (2020), the RSA Patrons Award (2022), the David and June Gordon Memorial Trust Award (2022), the J. Gordon Brown Memorial Painting Prize (2020) and the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network Art & Design Prize for Creative Communication, Scotland (2019).

She worked on a collaborative project as a supporting painter at the British Art Show 9 (2021) and was Professional Development Ambassador for Scotland + Venice at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015).

Her works have been acquired by collections including the Royal Scottish Academy, Glasgow Print Studio and Robert Gordon University.


Her paintings are abstract, focusing on manifestations of light, colour, dynamism, balance and interconnectedness. Kinga studied physics and mathematics in her earlier years, and she often uses forms borrowed from science as a starting point for her paintings. Her overarching interest is in the concept of light and as part of the artistic exploration into the nature of light, she found a very apt process in the making of cyanotypes, where light plays an active part in the creation of the image. The cyanotypes serve as starting points for painterly developments, using ink, acrylic paint and resin. The titles of her work bear reference to coding systems of online platforms. She creates seemingly random word combinations that evoke a sense of atmosphere and musicality.

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