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Society of Scottish Artists commission 2022


Humber-Unfolding-Takahe,  mixed media and resin on board, 54.5 cm x 99 cm x 5 cm

The Society of Scottish Artists was established in 1891 and held their first annual exhibition 130 years ago, in 1892. As part of the celebrations, the SSA commissioned nine artists to respond to selected historical works. My painting HUMBER-UNFOLDING-TAKAHE is a response to Bet Low’s (1924-2007) oil painting on canvas, MERGE AND EMERGE from 1961.

Bet Low .jpg

Merge and Emerge by Bet Low (1924-2007), oil on canvas, 1961
Photo credit: Museums & Galleries Edinburgh - City of Edinburgh Council

k e_edited.jpg

My response to Bet Low’s painting started with merging two of my previous works - Diffuse-Lark-Median and Peloria-Satin-Tumble, - using digital painting techniques for the planning stage.  I created a merged cyanotype on paper and used this as a background for painting the gouache and acrylic shapes onto. My plan was to broadly follow Bet Low’s colour scheme and structure yet show an exciting interpretation of it in a different medium and technique.


The finished painting in the studio

Installation shot from the SSA 130 Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2022.

Installation view 2.

Installation view 3.

Installation view 4.

Installation view 5.

Installation view 6.

Selected historical works from the SSA collection and their pairings

SSA 130th Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh,  17 December 2022 - 10 January 2023

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