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Optical experiments 2019

I carried out these experiments in the photography studio at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. My aim was to capture the optical outcomes of the different configurations. I had two cameras and created the experimental set-ups using a dichroic cubic prism, two lenses, a long triangular prism, a mirror and a strong light source from a LED torch. Having so many interacting components made the results unpredictable.

The prisms and lenses used:

Screenshot 2023-12-24 212422.jpg

Biconvex Lens
It alters the direction of the passing light beam in a special way. Parallel light beams get focused; on the other hand if the light source is placed into the focus point of the lens, then a collimated beam of light is created.

Screenshot 2023-12-24 212104.jpg

Dichroic Cube Prism   
It splits the light as it travels through the prism into two separate light beams of different colours. These two light beams leave the prism in directions that is perpendicular to the entering light beam, yet directly oppositional to each other, forming a shape of a letter T.

Screenshot 2023-12-24 212255.jpg

Triangular Prism

It is perfect for dispersing the entering composite white light into a spectrum of coloured beams.

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