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3 February 2023

It was a privilege to work with Master Printer Scott Campbell at Glasgow Print Studio and creating these silkscreen prints as a result of the GPS Publication Prize that I was awarded at the RSA NC exhibition last year. I loved every part of the process! Thank you Glasgow Print Studio. Special thanks to Claire Forsyth for organizing every aspect of the studio visits and for welcoming me at GPS. I met here many amazing artists working regularly at GPS. Hope to be back someday!

13 January 2023

Artist In Residence

This week I started a six-months artist residency at the Glenesk Folk Museum. 


The Glenesk Folk Museum is home to a collection of more than 30 thousands artifacts - some of them still in the process of being catalogued, - representing Scottish rural life of the past. The museum also has a much admired permanent exhibition of objects displayed in several reconstructed interiors.

I am looking forward to getting to know more about this rich collection and making artworks inspired by my experience.


The Artist Residency was made possible by Creative Scotland Open Fund. 

18 December 2022

The SSA 130 YEARS | ANNUAL EXHIBITION is open from 17 December 2022 until 10th January 2023 at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Society of Scottish Artists, a selection of works representing the history of the SSA are showcased alongside of the annual exhibition, including Auguste Rodin's sculpture of Victor Hugo, exhibited at the first SSA exhibition in 1892; a lithograph by Edward Munch, whose works were shown for first time in the UK in 1931 by the SSA; and a selection of prints by Eduardo Paolozzi from 1969.

As part of the 130th celebrations, the SSA commissioned artists to make new work in response to nine selected historical works. My work HUMBER-UNFOLDING-TAKAHE is a response to Bet Low’s (1924-2007) MERGE AND EMERGE, 1961, oil on canvas painting. My plan was to broadly follow Bet Low’s colour scheme and structure yet show an exciting interpretation of it in a different medium and technique.

I am grateful to the SSA for this opportunity and humbled to see my work in such prestigious company.

25 September 2022

British Art Fair logo

29 September – 2 October 2022
Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York Square
King's Road, London SW3 4RY
Instagram: @britishartfair
Twitter: @BritishArtFair
Facebook: @britishartfair

I am delighted for being invited to exhibit with the RSA at the British Art Fair 2022. Exciting days ahead!

The exhibited works are:

Mixed media, 60 cm x 59 cm x 5 cm, Hanepoot-Leveret-Fipple, Kinga Elliott, 2022.JPG

mixed media and resin on board, 60 cm x 59 cm x 5 cm

mixed media and resin on board,  64cm x 69cm x 5cm, Simson line -coral- Kinga Elliott, 202

Simson line -coral-
mixed media and resin on board,  64cm x 69cm x 5cm

Mixed media on paper, framed, 84 x 99 cm, Tangential-Uneven-Jet, Kinga Elliott, 2021.jpg

mixed media on paper, 84 x 99 cm 

Mixed media and resin on board  98cm x 77cm x 5cm, Aqueous-Solera-Dancing Kinga Elliott, 2

mixed media and resin on board,  98cm x 77cm x 5cm

Mixed media on board, 98cm x 77cm x 5cm, Peloria-Satin-Tumble, Kinga Elliott, 2022.JPG

mixed media on board, 98cm x 77cm x 5cm

16 June 2022

Screenshot (1237).png
Screenshot (1258).png
Screenshot (1262).png

Three of my works are on sale at the Artist Aid Ukraine Fundraising Exhibition & Sale of Scottish Art at the Pentagon Centre in Glasgow which runs from June 22nd until June 25th, 2022. Over 120 artists donated works for this event established to help victims of the war in Ukraine. The funds raised going to British Red Cross and OPORA. The exhibition also runs online until 24th July. The purchase and bidding site can be accessed at or by following the link on the QR code.

Please support this worthy cause.

4 June 2022

I was delighted to visit the amazing Pier Arts Centre in Stromness in Orkney this June, thanks to the support of the a-n The Artist Information Company's Time-Space-Money Bursary. These are some of the works from the outstanding permanent collection of the Piers Arts Centre alongside of pieces from the "Pushing Paper - Contemporary Drawing from 1970 to Now", a touring exhibition from the British Museum.

Cramoisy-Tamarind-Gambol _ KINGA ELLIOTT

15 April 2022

I am looking forward to exhibit my work at the newly refurbished Glenesk Folk Museum. Thank you for the museum for this opportunity and for Creative Scotland's support for the project.

Kinga Elliott solo exhibition, Glenesk Folk Museum, 2022  poster front.png
Kinga Elliott solo exhibition, Glenesk Folk Museum, 2020 poster back.png

14 April 2022

I am delighted that my work Cramoisy-Tamarind-Gambol will be shown in the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition at The Mound in Edinburgh during 23 April - 12 June 2022. Free entry. Monday to Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

Cramoisy-Tamarind-Gambol _ KINGA ELLIOTT


Mixed media and resin on board

61 cm x 69 cm x 5 cm 


18 March 2022

VISUAL ARTS SCOTLAND Annual Exhibition 19 March - 29 April 2022

selected group exhibition

moved to online due to COVID19

REVERB exhibition.png

I am delighted to be selected to exhibit one of my work amongst so many talented artists.

My work can be seen in VIEWING ROOM 2