Kinga Elliott is a painter graduating with a BA (Hon) Painting first class degree from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy  2020 John Kinross Travel Scholarship to Florence, Italy.

       Kinga Elliott holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics and Physics and she often uses forms borrowed from science as a
starting point for her paintings. Her works are abstract, focusing on manifestations of light, colour, dynamism, balance and


       At times, Kinga Elliott’s paintings explore the connection to mathematical visualisation in the form of underpinning
geometrical structures. At other times, her works are more organic in nature.

        Her overarching interest is in the concept of light, let it be optics, theoretical physics, or from a theological aspect. As part of the artistic exploration into the nature of light, she found a very apt process in the making of cyanotypes, where light plays an active part in the creation of the image.

       Kinga Elliott has developed a unique way of making semi-transparent paper transparencies that serve as negatives for the cyanotype process.

      The resulting large paper cyanotypes then become starting points for further painterly developments. She uses oil and acrylic paint, ink and various dry mediums in her creative process. Sometimes she mounts the cyanotype onto board, creating a tough surface that enables her to build up several layers of resin coatings with layers of paints in between them.

      The titles of her work bear reference to coding systems of online platforms. She creates seemingly random word combinations that evoke a sense of atmosphere and musicality.



2020       RGU Arts and Heritage Purchase Prize for Fine Art

2020       Winner of the J. Gordon Brown Memorial Painting Prize

2020       Selected for the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, Edinburgh 2022

2020       Shortlisted for the Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase

2020       Received the Royal Scottish Academy 2020 John Kinross Scholarship to Florence, Italy

2019       Winner of the SCPN Art & Design Prize for Creative Communication, Scotland 2019    

2018       Shortlisted for SUT Award,  Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen

2015       Selected to the Scotland+Venice Learning Team, 56th Venice Biennale, Italy                           


2020      VISUAL ARTS SCOTLAND Digital GRADUATE SHOWCASE 2020                online

2020      Digital DEGREE SHOW, Gray's School of Art        


2020      Interim 4th YEAR PAINTING EXHIBITION             Edinburgh Palette, Edinburgh

2019      A MOMENT IN TIME  Solo exhibition             Aberdeen Health Village, Aberdeen


2019      GRAY'S OUTLET    Group exhibition                    Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen


2019      MORE CONCRETE!  Group performance and exhibition         Belmont, Aberdeen

2018      BGF & EY Painting exhibition                             Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen


2018      MAVERICS Group exhibition with NEOS                 Hallgreen Castle, Inverbervie

2018      SMORG:ARTS:BORD  Painting Exhibition              Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen


2018      SNAP Group exhibition                                      Ruthrierston Centre, Aberdeen

2015      The MEFFAN Winter Exhibition                  The Meffan Museum & Gallery, Forfar



Royal Scottish Academy

Robert Gordon University

2016-2020    BA (HONS) Painting, First Class                       Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen


2012-2015    HNC Contemporary Art Practice              Dundee and Angus College, Arbroath  


1985-1991    Equivalent to MSc in Mathematics and Physics         ELTE University, Budapest